Sunday, March 9, 2008


this afternoon we, Marie (our maid), France and I, attended 2 kiddie parties..

1pm-3pm = t'was Bok-bok/Claude's (my college friend, Ivy) 1st birthday at Jollibee Pacita. as usual nakikigulo ang anak ko sa games at takot pa rin sya kay Jollibee.

gulat si france sa pagdaan ni Jollibee

3:30pm-5:30pm = t'was Ria's (Louie's daughter) 2nd birthday at their house. the party has started when we arrived by 4pm.. kainan muna, then games ang programme nila. france won the best dancer under her 'category'. present sa tropa ay sina: reggie with son eejay, irene with son andrei, patit and coco.

her dance

we went home 6pm at naghatid pa ako sa tropa.


Ms. Norine Rac-Magundayao, my former boss
Carina Montaño, my former officemate
Ria Velez-Bermudez
Claude Rensen Orijola
Joshua Cabasug

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