Monday, November 12, 2007


i haven't posted anything here yet for almost a week.... been busy - -

personalizing my other sites like flixster, shelfari, tagged, hi5, multiply, myspace, etc.

i also joined another Harry Potter fanatics group and i was sorted at Ravenclaw house. yipii! and i'm trying to make friends (online) with the members and reading some of their forums for update.

we also went to southmall to buy what my bro will use for his work. yup, he's working. but i don't if he can finish his contract because of his feet.

we also went to harrison plaza, yes, in manila... coz my mom-in-law will be meeting someone for official and legal business and roel and i are very much needed. while waiting, frances and i stroll around and she

rode this ferrari for n times

i bought a pre-owned pda just to use it for ebook reading. after receiving it, i looked for pdf, rtf, lit converter for system compatibility. after few days of surfing and 'researching', i was lucky to find what i need.

i also became 'busy' with my sideline... i've been texting my 'supplier' for any orders i receive and meeting her to get the products.

of course, we sometimes have this short strolls at festival mall.

and last saturday, we went to cainta to attend a kiddie party... my hubby's niece to his cousin. this is the 1st party my daughter attended that she's in good mood, proof? she's dancing, she's with her fellow cousins sitting, watching the magic show and playing with them as 'saling-ketket'.

dancing frances

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