Wednesday, November 4, 2009

rant, cp,trick or treat

bought this as a gift for myself..

yeah, i know i can ask this from hubby but.. nah..


i really don't like my work, it's sooo boring.. sooo routinary. di na ako sanay magwork, mas gusto ko na ata yung new hobby ko.. kahit hobby lang. hhmm :(


my Ineng wasn't able to join the Trick or Treat Party at her Dada's office, her Dada forgot to register her. but she did join (her 2nd time) the Trick or Treat Part at Tita Josie's place (it was a posh subdivision). wow, she bagged a lot of candies and it's fine with her that I didn't come accompany her, she's with her cousins. her Trick or Treat Party at school was postponed, supposedly Oct.30 but it was moved to Nov.3 because of the storm Santi (Mirinae). at first she didn't want to wear her Witch costume but as she saw her classmates, she became relaxed. most of her batchmates were wearing Fairy and Princess costumes as I expected.

i'll post the pictures soon...

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