Friday, February 15, 2008

online streaming

i watched some of gong yoo's k-drama and movies online (don't know if it's complete, basta magka-idea ako sa story)...

[K-movie] Spy Girl

in the movie, he's a student who fell in love with the North Korean spy who works on a fast food chain across their school..

Release Date: 2004
Genre: Action / Comedy / Romance

Hyo-jin (Kim Jeong-hwa), a North Korean spy is sent across the DMZ to find a fellow spy that has run off with the Communist country's operational funds. Things don't quite go as plan, and Hyo-jin finds herself working at a Burger King as cover. Alas, Hyo-jin is too pretty for her own good, which immediately makes her the star "server" at the fast food chain. Soon all the boys, including failed student Ko-bong (Gong Yoo), are lining up to be served. But after Ko-bong posts Hyo-jin's pictures on an Internet bulletin board that touts the "top Angel" working at the Burger King, it threatens to expose Hyo-jin's cover. What's a spy to do?

  • Kim Jeong-hwa as Park Hyo-jin
  • Gong Yoo as Choi Ko-bong


[K-movie] S-Diary

he's one of the three (or four) ex-boyfriends the main character had.. he's an easy-go-lucky artist.

Release Date: 2004
Genre: Love Comedy

On a dreary day Jini (Kim Sun-a) gets laid off by her boyfriend with the final note that he was only interested in making love to her but not in a lasting relationship.

This triggers the girl's curiosity about whether her past three lovers were also only after her favors. As a result Jini checks back on her previous boyfriends including Ku-hyeon (Lee hyun-woo), an advocate of strong religious beliefs, macho college lover Jeong-seok (Kim Su-ro) and inexperienced Yoo-in (Gong Yoo) who makes a living as wandering artist. Will Jini's emotional journey be rewarded with sincere answers from her old admirers ? Find out as S-Diary unveils its top secret material.

  • Kim Seon-ah as Jini
  • Lee Hyeon-woo as Gu-hyeon
  • Kim Soo-ro as Jeong-seok
  • Gong Yoo as Yu In


[K-drama] One Fine Day

half-siblings fell in love with each other after knowing that they're not really blood related, is it possible?

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Romance


Seo Haneul (Sung yuri) loses her mother in a fire accident and was later adopted by a rich family. She is a person who went through a life of many twisted fate. After Seo Gun’s father married an unwed mother, since then Seo Gun has a sister in the eyes of the law. After their parents died, his sister was adopted by a rich Chairman of a large organization while he became a gangster. Upon using Haneul to extort money, Seo Gun and Haneul falls slowly in love with each other during this period of time.

Sung Yu Ri as Seo Haneul/ Park HaeWon
Gong Yoo as Seo Gun
Lee Yeon Hee as Goo Hyo Ju
Nam Gong Min as Kim Dong Ho

i'm planning to watch "Hello My Teacher" kaya lang medyo tinatamad na ako. mabababaw lang naman ang stories nila, gusto ko lang makita si... yikes, feeling ko tuloy HS ako.. excited sa crushie... eeww! hay, eto lang ang libangan ng taong nasa bahay lang... =p

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